Edit the hotspot

Users click on the hotspots to navigate through the clickthrough steps. The hotspots are automatically added. We can easily edit the postion, size and color.


We can easily "click and drag" to redraw and resize the hotpspot.

Hotspot dialog box

We can also add additional text in the description field to  help users follow the clickthrough demo better.

Add one or more hoverspots

Hoverspots help add more detailed descriptions on specific areas on the screen. They are hard to miss and help improve user engagement. 

Hoverspot dialog box

Add an intro

Click on the "Add intro" button to add a intro "pop-up" to your clickthrough demo.

Save intro

Add Call To Action

Add Call to Action

Add more screenshot images to existing walkthrough demo

Missed a step during the recording? No problem. You can easily add one or more screenshots/images to existing clickthrough demo.

Upload a new screenshot image