Your unique landing page

Option 1: Publish to your unique landing page is the easiest way to publish your clickthrough demos. You can upload your own logo and choose the primary color to match your brand identity. 

Publishing options

Click here to choose the publishing options

Choose the desired options

In addition to the option to publish the walkthrough to your uniqe landing page, there are three modes you can choose from to set the default viewing experience

1. Clickthrough mode is the fastest way to experience the clickthrough demo. It allows the users to "click through" the individual screens.

2.The clickthrough video mode plays the entire video while allowing the users to click on the hotspots. You can think of this as a video version of the clickthrough mode.

3. The third option allows you to publish the entire video recording

Next up, sharing options

Option 2: Link sharing

Click on the share icon

Link sharing options

You can choose to share the link publicly or privately with an individual or a specific channel. ( social, marketing campaign etc.)

Option 3: Download and share

Download as a PDF or MP4

In the upcoming release, we plan to add the option to download the entire clickthrough demo for offline use.

Option 4: Embed on your own website, LMS or a blog

Embed options

You can embed the clickthrough demos on any other websites, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and  blogs simply by copying a single line of "embed code".

Thank you!